Friday, April 11, 2008

cool sandals

dvs shoe company is introducing a new line of "recyclable" sandals. in an effort to help out our landfills, these sandals are made of foam that can be recycled. when these sandals are done, just pull out the straps and throw the bottoms in a recycle bin. not only is this a good cause, these sandals are actually really cushy soft and will last a long time. check out dvs's website:

clean your beach

matix clothing company is trying something new for their surf boardshort line. these days when you buy a new pair of boardshorts most companies giveaway waxcombs, fin keys or keychains. matix wanted to do something different, so they thought of trying something environmentally constructive. all boardshorts come with a trash bag so the proud new owner can pick up some trash on his or her beach. the idea is to just pick up some trash, no matter where it is, instead of just looking at it. who needs another waxcomb or keychain, we need clean beaches!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

lakai recycle program

lakai limited footwear is introducing it's newest line of shoes in it's recycle program. they started the program this spring 08. the concept is to take unused left over material and instead of throwing them away, to make shoes with unique colors and materials. the results are one of a kind shoes that are cool to look at and wear. the telford(left)is a hi-top cup sole, the mj-2 select(right)is marc johnson's signature pro model with a vulcanized sole. need to point out that the bottom of soles are made of recycled rubber. they basically took old shoe soles and grinded them up and re-moulded them into new soles. look for these shoes in your local skate shop or check out

Friday, March 7, 2008

first post

the green theory is a mindset of making an eco conscience effort. we all know by now the impact of our human consumption on the earth. population will continue to rise and that means the continued depletion of natural resources. we can't save the world as individuals, but each of us can do our part or at least try our best. collectively, results will happen.

the green theory is not a call to change our lives in a drastic way. if you think about it we are challenged everyday with eco choices, shutting the water off when brushing your teeth, turning lights off when not in use, recycling bottles and cans and paper, etc. some of us do it and some of us don't, but what if many of us did, that'll be a huge impact. the theory is, it doesn't take much, just a little effort from everyone.

corporations and manufacturers have recently been developing/designing/producing more eco friendly products and services. this blog was set up to discuss all things that will have a positve imapact on our earth's environment. this forum is intended to showcase new products, conduct eco mindful discussions, present suggestions or recommendations on how to be more eco friendly or just air out our thoughts or concerns.